Dedicated Hosting Info

Dedicated hosting plans run on their own Virtual Machine, the operating system environment is not shared with any other customers. The resources in your chosen plan are guaranteed 24×7, we do not over provision our host servers.


Backup Information

Backups are run in two ways, daily to a storage server located in the same datacenter, and weekly to a different geographical location. Our backup retention policy is outlined below.

  • Daily backups are taken every day and are retained for 7 days, these can be restored in your account panel or by sending in a support ticket.
  • Offsite backups are taken every Sunday and retained for 6 weeks.
  • The offsite backup that is taken on the first Sunday of the month is also saved as a monthly backup. Monthly backups will be retained for 1 year.
  • The offsite backup that is taken on the first Sunday in January is also saved as a yearly backup. Yearly backups will be retained for 5 years.
  • All offsite backups must be restored by sending in a support ticket, they cannot be restored via your account panel.
  • Weekly, Monthly and Yearly backups can be retained for longer at your request, additional fees will apply. Please send in a ticket if you would like a quote for this feature.
SSH Access

SSH access is enabled by default on all dedicated hosting plans. We strongly recommend you add an SSH key to your server and login using that, you can then disable password authentication making your server much more secure. Please click here for instructions.

SSH access is not recommended unless you have experience configuring Linux servers. You can break your server very easily to the point it can only be restored by backup.

Important information regarding backups

Offsite backups are executed by a script located at /var/kcshosting/scripts/exec_offsite_bkup this script is triggered by a cron job assigned to the root user. Removing this script or cron job will disable offsite backups, our support teams will be unable to recreate this script for you. Instruction on recreating this backup script are available here.

Note: Executing this script before the cron job is scheduled to run it will NOT run an offsite backup of your server. The script only tells the backup server that it is ready to perform a backup, it is up to our backup server to respond with the credentials and path information to continue. If you would like to be able to initiate manual backups please send in a support ticket and we can enable this on your account. Additional fees will apply.

Default Server Setup

Our default installation on all dedicated servers includes a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Nginx, Vsftpd, and various system tools and modules. We also include a free web control panel installation. If you would like to customize your server installation please send in a support ticket and we will create one to meet your requirements. If you would like to use cPanel instead of a free web control panel please request that via a support ticket, an additional charge of $20/month will apply.

Managed Hosting

If you’re confused by any of this info and would like us to handle all the technical details of your server for you please click here to view our plans for managed hosting.

Please select your dedicated hosting plan again to continue with your order.

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