Computer Backup Overview

The following applies to any service that includes a computer backup.

What is backed up?

All files including but not limited to pictures, videos, music, documents, bookmarks, and emails.
Files from any folder on any drive that is not listed as an excluded folder below.

What is not backed up?

The following directories are excluded from backup:

  • *:\Windows
  • *:\Program Files
  • *:\Program Files (x86)

Where can I access my backup?

The storage medium that your backup is stored on depends on the procedure being performed. Please consult the overview page of the specific service for more info.
Your backup is also stored on a backup server for 30 days after your invoice date. If you lose your backup media and need to access it again during this time you can ask us for another copy. A backup copy will be provided on to any media that you provide (excluding optical media) for a fee of $20 + $0.15/GB. If you would like to extend the time we will keep your backup on our servers, you can do so for a one time extension fee of $10 plus an additional $0.02/GB per month.